Rajasegar Chandran

Champion Skeptic, Incremental Theorist, Homo habilis and Homo Fabrican

I am a Front-end developer from Chennai, India. I work for a company called Freshworks where we build awesome products for the CRM industry.

I love books, art, music and movies. I used to be a Graphic Designer and Systems Programmer once.

I love programming languages like Javascript, Ruby, Haskell and Lisp. I wholeheartedly embrace Functional Programming, Code clarity, Performance, Accessibility and Internationalization.

I am passionate about Open Source Software and Contributions, recently, I have been writing tools in JS

I write code in Ember.js and React.js

My favorite editors are Vim and Spacemacs


I have a personal blog called hangaroundtheweb.com where I occasionally pen my thoughts on web developement, leadership and programming languages.


I love to speak and participate in conferences, meetups and workshops.


I love reading books all the day. I do have a mini Library in home. I love Technology, Psychology and Non-Fiction genres.

These are some of the life-changing books I have read, which altered my perception and outlook.

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